MediaLAB Amsterdam

The MediaLAB collaborated with the following research fellows and colleagues in the past:

Matthijs ten Berge, worked at MediaLAB Amsterdam from May 2012 till July 2013 as a projectmanager and responsible for external relations;

Ankit Daftery, first worked as an intern on the project Blending Amsterdam Reality (September 2012 – January 2013), thereafter he worked as research fellow on the project Amstel Campus, where he developed an urban intervention project (February 2013 – August 2013);

Frank Kloos, worked at the MediaLAB from May 2012 till July 2013 as a tech geek;

Steven Kok, first worked as an intern on the project WAIT.THINK!, a social online and offline platform (September 2012 – January 2013), thereafter he worked as research fellow on the project Amstel Campus, where he developed an urban intervention project (February 2013 – June 2013).



Matthijs ten Berge …… Email: m[dot]ten[dot]berge[at]hva[dot]nl

Ankit Draftery – First worked at MediaLab as an intern on the project Blending Amsterdam Reality (September 2012 – January 2013), where he designed an interactive installation that enabled pedestrians to explore the city. Thereafter he worked as a research fellow on the project Amstel Campus, where he executed an urban intervention project that reclaimed a vandalized public building by transforming it into an open-air interactive exhibition space for student projects. He likes creating things that make work simple, people happy and life easy. He enjoys tinkering with code and hardware. Email: ankitdaf[at]gmail[dot]com

Frank Kloos – As a geek-in-residence Frank worked on several projects as project manager, coach and lecturer. His expertise lies in the field of design thinking and humanizing technology. Email: f[dot]kloos[at]hva[dot]nl

Steven Kok ……. Email: stevenkok[at]gmail[dot]com




I am a filmmaker, turned entrepreneur, turned coach at the HVA medialab. I am always looking for new and innovative ways to tell stories and engage audiences. I believe stories have the power to change the world for the better.



I am a researcher at the Cross media research group with a master degree in Media and Performance Studies. I am specifically interested in embodied experiences, how consumers behave in mediated environments and how their interaction with these media create a meaningful experience to them. My research mainly focuses on cultural experiences.



I have a background in industrial design, but after studying a postgraduate course in multimedia design I became enthralled with the possibilities that could surface from the mixture of technology and design. This motivated me to pursue a Design for Interaction MSc at TU Delft. I have work experience in UX design and web design, I am interested in cognitive biases, generative art, comic books and the physical/digital aspects of technology.

Gabriele Colombo

Researcher Datavisualization

I hold a Master degree in Communication Design from Politecnico di Milano. My focus is on data visualization, infographics and visual story telling. In the past years I have gained a good experience in designing visual tools to facilitate academic and market research projects. I have worked at The Visual Agency, an Italian design agency focused on infographics and I often collaborate as a visual designer with the Digital Methods Initiative. I like big excel files, risotto, old maps and typographic ligatures.

Loes Bogers

Project manager, maker, media pracademic

My background is in critically engaged electronic arts, and media & cultural studies. I hold a BA in Media & Culture: New Media from the University of Amsterdam and an MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths College, London. In recent years I’ve worked as innovator in arts education for youth and worked on projects at the Patching Zone (NL) and Kitchen Budapest (HU). Forget about practice, there’s only do: let’s get our hands dirty.

Marco van Hout

research coordinator

I am research coordinator within MediaLAB and foster the role and importance of applied research within all MediaLAB activities. I have a passion for and vast experience in strategic, digital and UX design. I am also co-founder of SusaGroup, an experience driven design consultancy, board member of the Design & Emotion Society and trainer/ public speaker.

Sabine Niederer

Head of Create-It

I am the head of the applied research centre CREATE-IT, and a PhD researcher with the Digital Methods Initiative. I also work as a freelance curator and writer in the field of art and new media.

Gijs Gootjes


Within the MediaLAB I develop research projects for young creatives. Being involved in Amsterdam’s creative industries gives me the opportunity to work with publishers, broadcasters, ad agencies, museums, startups etc.

Margreet Riphagen


For the last ten years I have gained experience in various disciplines of new and interactive media. I hold a bachelor degree in Integrated Communication Management, a post bachelor in Business Science and a master in Information Studies, track Human Centered Multimedia. After working at the Waag Society and Media Guild for more than five years, I now work for the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences since 2008, as a new media expert and a lecturer at CMDA. Also I am  involved in the Institute of Network Cultures with various research projects. My motto is keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for stars.