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Kuba Vohnik (CZ)
Sandro Miccoli (BR)
Jay Huliselan (NL)



MediaLAB – Week 1 – Introduction

This will be our first blog post of our internship at the MediaLAB Amsterdam which officially started on the 4th of September 2013. It has been in interesting week where we were able to meet our fellow students, teammates and coaches.

The week started off with an introduction day. This included a tour around the University, introduction of the coaches and some very exciting Pecha Kucha presentations. In these presentation students were able to present themselves within a very short period of time. After the presentation our team was lucky enough the talk to our assigner. Here we received more information about our project. Our assigner also brought an interesting concept which she made 10 years ago.

The next day we analyzed and brainstormed about the concept that the assigner gave us. As the concept was very old it needed some improvements. Out of the excitement we already thought about adding game mechanics and improving the environment. Additionally we also brainstormed about the possible technology we could use. After telling this to our coach he told us that there are still a lot of step we need
to take before we are ready to think about the possible technology.

We decided it might be a good plan to come up with a good team name and logo. We settled with the teamname TriVision. Since we all are officially from different countries we implemented three flags on our logo.



On the last day of the week we were given the assignment to create a User Scene. Analyze our user, his environment and his problem. We brainstormed about the given assignment and decided to visualize this on a poster.

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