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Kuba Vohnik (CZ)
Sandro Miccoli (BR)
Jay Huliselan (NL)



Week 6 – Research Report Draft

We started this week giving our Peer Presentation of the ongoing project research. We got some really good feedback from all the other teams and some experts that were also present. This was essential for us to get on the right track. It’s possible to see a preview of the presentation file right below (or open it here):

On the day after we had a meeting with our project manager and got some guidance to continue the research in a SMART way. We made a commitment to make some user and experts interviews to gain insights for the conclusions of the research. These next pictures show precisely the outcome of this meeting:

2013-10-08 16.57.18

2013-10-08 16.56.09

2013-10-08 16.56.21

2013-10-08 16.56.40

2013-10-08 16.56.54

After this we worked on questionnaires for children to understand their motivations, behaviours, frustrations and goals. On total 4 interviews were made, one of them can be considered a in depth interview, since one of the team members already new this 8-year old boy since he was 2. This particular interview can be seen on the next pictures:



The knowledge we acquired after these interviews and some previous desk research was used to create personas that can represent our target group. Here are four different personas, each representing one end of our range groups (boy and girl with 8 and 10 years old):





We also arranged some interviews with experts in media literacy, game theory and in children.

expert review

During this week, we discussed as a team to get our conclusions together and have some valuable insights for creating the first draft of the Research Report. We delivered this document on Friday (11 Oct) and still need feedback from our project manager and stakeholders to refine the document and proceed with everything clear for the Concept Phase. You can preview the document next or see it full here.

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