We as Net-Makers Want to Foster an Elastic Thinking Movement, Choosing Amsterdam as a Creative Playground.


Shubhojit Mallick (IN)
Jeroen Ruijter (NL)
Mizuki Kojima (JP)
Enrico Catalano (IT)
Camila Olivera (BR)



The week with the interview posts

We were really glad that we had the interviews from a plethora of professionals as it really helped us gain insights about the creative professionals and about the whole creative ecosystem. So we started to analyze the insights and decided to try and figure out a bunch of common values which our list of interviewees might have.

Foto 04-10-2013 16 35 21Foto 04-10-2013 16 35 21 DSCN6717 Foto 04-10-2013 16 32 29 future_ps


It was really interesting to study the interviews because it made us realise that we were truly, madly ,deeply… Screwed…!

It was evident that the creative professionals faced problems and they couldn’t network efficiently, but they still networked. They still collaborated and shared and got inspired. So the problem is the solution in itself… #gasp-out-loud…

What we mean is… The creative ecosystem is so cool and awesome that trying to zero in on that one all encompassing solution might win us the Nobel Prize…. So stay tuned; ¬†while we file our patent.

The week with all the interview

This week we had millions of transcripts to type, ( well actually we had 10 but anyway million sounds cool) and it was a helluva job trying to type out everything without distorting the essence. Stay tuned for all the super exciting materials.

Some where in between all that we had a  workshop with Natalia on how using DMI tools and google scraper.


We really learnt a lot about how the creative industry works and the data was especially interesting to analyse.


You can get a better view of Mizuki’s visualization of the word cloud below.


And here we have Enrico’s research visualization:


But, the highlight of the week had to be :



The Indian Lunch.

The week with all the confusion

The week started out with some really intense brainstorming sessions with the Design Thinkers group and Natalia. We tried to categorize our research question into How, Why and What…. Well, at-least we tried to. The results were quite interesting. Take a look:OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA¬†¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA¬†OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And if that wasn’t enough; we had another mind blowing experience at the Amsterdam Urban Innovation Week


The whole agenda of the conference was for us to better understand the creative industries and creative professionals in Amsterdam. While we tried to interview a handful of professionals, we realized that maybe our research methodologies were still not upto the mark. So while we sit and rack our brains with the research, you guys enjoy this pic:



The logo of our project

Three weeks passed since our project started and we have finally designed our logo; Our identity !!




The inspiration behind this was three folds:

1. These lines means canal and streets. Both of them are symbolic scenery of Amsterdam.

2. The figure expresses “C”, the initials of our project name. And this “C” consists of connected lines. Connection for creative industries and creative professionals is a part of our goal.

3. Red stands for the color of Amsterdam and Blue means a canal.


We used a font of “Futura medium”. Futura is a sans-self typeface designed in Bauhaus. Futura means future and looks like clean, standardized, stylish. We think it is appropriate for the creative city.


Interview with Geert Lovink

On Friday the 13 of September the team had an interview with Geert Lovink.

Geert Lovink¬†(born 1959, Amsterdam) is a Research Professor of Interactive Media at the¬†Hogeschool van Amsterdam¬†(HvA) and a Professor of Media Theory at the¬†European Graduate School. From 2004-2013 he was an¬†Associate Professor¬†of New Media at the¬†University of Amsterdam¬†(UvA).¬†Lovink earned his¬†master’s degree¬†in political science at the University of Amsterdam, holds a¬†PhD¬†from the University of Melbourne and has been a¬†postdoctoral¬†fellow at the University of Queensland. (http://www.egs.edu/faculty/geert-lovink/biography/)


It was a very interesting interview, we learned a lot about the creative industries and what to look out for in the future. We would like to thank Geert again for making time for us. Underneath you can find the transcript of the interview.


The week which defined our problem… or wait … Let’s brainstorm :-)

Thanks to Loes, we started this week on a high. The makey makey workshop was really awesome as we tinkered around with fruits, vegetables, trash bins and gestures… The whole idea of the workshop was to get hands on experience ¬†about prototyping and how we could quickly design and fabricate circuits if required, later on during the course of the semester.


The fun part of the event you ask ??? Check the pics and I dare you….. Try looking at them with a straight face.






After an exciting morning, we were in for a treat. For lunch we had “Cachorro Quente” (a Brazilian cuisine); which was organized by Camila and Paula.



Tuesday was ” Meeting your Assigner day”…

So Ladies and gentlemen, ¬†give it up for :…

Design Thinkers Group –


These guys have a rather unique story; quite like the China town model. It was interesting to know that the Design Thinker’s Group don’t follow the stereotypical model of scaling up. Instead, they prefer to spread and grow and spread more. They are currently established in 11 countries across the globe and we had a beautiful afternoon with Marieke and Arne.



We started out with our Pecha Kuchas and then jumped right into a small activity to enlist atleast 5 values which should define our team.

DSCN6532  IMG_3118




Charlie Mulholland was the man on wednesday with his super cool presentation skills and exuberance, we couldn’t ask for more. We had a more comprehensive understanding of our problem statement and how to better define our problem. Surrounded with hundreds of post-it stamps and pens which just refused to write anymore, we finally learnt : ” that a certain part of the brain which acts like a filter; made us miss the gorilla “… #gasp-out-loud!!


The week which brought us together

The kick off week at the MediaLAB brought together an exuberant variety of students from across the globe. The Hybrid City team ( the ‘cool’ team name is still elusive) has an interesting background of students as was evident from Pecha Kuchas.


The second day involved sharing of alumni experience followed by formulating ideas for our user scene. ¬†After an excruciating 240 seconds of intense discussions, we decided ( hold your breath….. ) to make a (drum-rolls) MOVIE !! ¬†And of course we had mind blowing ideas from everyone, and since Brad Pitt, Steven Spielberg and Hans Zimmer were too busy in California we decided with the following cast;


( Don’t freak out )….

As the creative director we had………… Mr. Ankit Daftery


For the role of the arrogant business man we had….. Mr. Jeroen Ruyter


And the role of the crazy, genious musician we had… Mr. Mizuki Kojima




The movie was a blockbuster hit with millions still in line to watch it. You could catch a glimpse out here

Hybrid City – User’s scene Teaser from MediaLAB Amsterdam on Vimeo.

And we are sure we’ll win the Nobel Prize ( because ; you know; the Oscars are tooooo main stream )….

The final ¬†of the week involved an On Design workshop by Marco, where we learnt about anthropomorphic attributes of design. Anthropomorphism essentially means personification i.e. to assign human attributes to inanimate products and make it more realistic. As an individual project we designed ( rather proposed) a screaming bag which allows the user to vent out their anger without disturbing others. The anthropomorphic element was using ropes and making it into a form of a smile or angry face allowing other people a glimpse of the ‘ content of the bag’…